• Day 21: Strategy Games for Children

         I hope you had a great weekend and maybe played a game with your family. The games we have talked about so far have been for at least […]

  • Day 20: Sunday Morning Coffee and Chit Chat

    Gaming is catching on! Gaming groups are everywhere! If you are interested in trying some more strategic games think about checking out a local gaming group. You could check out […]

  • Day 19: Literary Games

         Ahhh…my favorite time of year! Sitting at the football game last night we drank hot chocolate and had our coats on. I love Fall and Winter. I love […]

  • Day 18: Historical Theme

       Historical gaming is for the history/war buff. Most of the games are actually a subdomain call Wargames. Most of the games use miniatures. In the wargames players re-create wars […]

  • Day 17: Steampunk

         Oh goodness! I wish I didn’t have to work and could just sit and write all day about Steampunk. It is my current favorite everything! (except my family […]

  • Day 16: Science Fiction

         When I think of science fiction and gaming I automatically think of Star Wars and Star Trek. This is strange because I know sci-fi is so much more. […]

  • Day 5: Fantasy Theme

         I hope that everyone has learned something about different genres or types of games. That is the way the game is played. There is something for people who […]

  • Day 14: Dice Games

    I hope everyone is having a great Colombus Day! I am heading to work. I am a teacher and we have a teacher workday. I enjoy my job and working […]

  • Day 13: Sunday Morning Coffee and Chit Chat #2

    Mr, Keurig ready for Halloween gamers      Ahhhh….my coffee tastes extra good this morning. We joined everyone else and bought a Keurig yesterday.  They were on sale at Costco. […]

  • Day 12: Worker Placement Games

    I am later writing this post because the weekend always finds me working to pick up the house and clean before the work week. My boys always jump in and […]

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