Day 12: Worker Placement Games

I am later writing this post because the weekend always finds me working to pick up the house and clean before the work week. My boys always jump in and help and do exactly as they are asked, but they are pre-teen and teenagers and well, frankly I have to really stay on them to pick up their rooms. I wish I could place them in the house and they would do exactly as I asked every time. Sadly that doesn’t happen so thank goodness for worker placement games!

     Worker placement games are games where players use tokens (the workers) and place them on an action of choice. For instance, the first worker placement game I played was Lords of Waterdeep. In Lords of Waterdeep the players are secret rulers trying to gain control of the city. Agents are used to construct buildings and complete quests. The player with the most influence (points) gains control of the city and wins the game, you can clearly see the difference between his type of game and the Klikkaa tästä games that are the other games I also love! Lords of Waterdeep was published in 2012 for ages 12 and up. The playing time is 60 minutes but it usually takes us about 90 minutes. Lords of Waterdeep is part of the Dungeons and Dragons family. I guess you could say it is a spin off of Dungeons and Dragons. If you play D&D or know someone who does, but want something different from a RPG then give Lords of Waterdeep a try. It is a great worker placement entry game!

        Another worker placement game we have is Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar. This is a great visual and hands on game. Players place their workers (Mayan tribe members) on a rotating gear. Players must pay with corn to perform different actions. You have to plan and always look ahead because you must feed your workers. So don’t spend all your corn!

     If you are a book geek like me then maybe you have read The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet . There is a worker placement game based on the book. I can’t believe I haven’t it played it yet. In The Pillars of the Earth players are characters from the book and are trying to build a cathedral by placing workers to perform different tasks.

     Tzolk’in and Pillars of the Earth are considered moderate level games. If you are ready for a more involved and “heavy” worker placement game then Agricola is a good game. Agricola is more involved with the rules and structure of play. In Agricola players are farmers in a shack with nothing but their spouse. You build up from there.

So in worker placement games players must plan what they should do and place workers where needed to complete the action. They are generally recommended for ages 12 or 13 and up. There are top ten lists  online so see if there is a worker placement game you may be interested in! I think I need to play The Pillars of the Earth! Of course I must place my own workers here and have them clean up their room! Have a good weekend! Play a game!

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