Day 20: Sunday Morning Coffee and Chit Chat

Gaming is catching on! Gaming groups are everywhere! If you are interested in trying some more strategic games think about checking out a local gaming group. You could check out your area and see if there is a local group.

Marty participates with the Queen City Gaming Club. They meet every week. You can go every week, every other week, once a month, or just whenever you can make it. I have friends who go to gaming nights as a date night! I have gone on ladies nights, special gaming events and community projects. It is a great way to try a game out before you buy it or get suggestions from other gamers.

The community projects are great for the whole family. Some of the volunteer projects have been teaching games on regular basis at a local school, library, and even Discovery Place which is a hands on science. If you are wondering what sort of “strategic” games we play with children come back tomorrow!    

Our oldest son is starting a tabletop gaming club at his school. He said that students come up to him in the cafeteria asking to be a part of the club! They really like role playing games, but will play a variety. I think it is so exciting that young people are interested in playing games face to face. Teenagers today have many options for entertainment. I am so glad that they choose to game because it keeps them home and out of trouble! 🙂 We hope that Adam gets the club up and running this year and then our middle son, Travis, can take over next year!

This afternoon cruise the internet and see if there is a local tabletop gaming group in your area. It is a great way to meet people and in some cases participate in community service. After church today I am going to attempt to read Call of Cathulhu by H.P. Lovecraft. I REALLY enjoy playing all of the Lovecraftian games but have never read any of his works. Writing about the literay games motivated me to read it! Have a great day!

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