Win Games By Taking Our Year 2 Survey

As our second anniversary rolls around, we’d like to get a finger on the pulse of how we are doing. What works? What doesn’t? Is there any feedback anyone would like to give? How can I get a Moon Pie?

As such we’ve put together a quick 10 question survey that we’d love for people to take.

“But, what’s in it for me?” 

Ah, so you want incentive. How about the chance to win a copy of Sheriff of Nottingham, or Tiny Epic Kingdoms or Battle for Souls?

Just complete the survey, include your email address at the end and you’ll be entered to a drawing to win. Survey will close Sunday December 21st, 2014.

Note: Games can only be shipped within the US. Sorry 🙁


Here’s the link for the survey and thanks!! Don’t be alarmed by the Part 2, we filled up our allocation of survey responses in the “free” zone, so we had to do a duplicate.

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  1. Kevin Burkhardsmeier

    Love the gen can’t episode. Pop culture stuff is good but prefer more about board games news reviews, experiences.
    It was fun listening to your wife join the pid say.
    Interviews with designers are wonderful.

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