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Once again, Rolling Dice & Taking Names has been given the opportunity to participate in the Dice Tower Network Cool Stuff Inc $50 Gift Card Giveaway. We are not going to require some survey to be filled out. You don’t need to send in a video begging for the giftcard. No photoshop skills will be required. You simply need to Email, BGG Post, Tweet Instagram or reply to the contest post on our Facebook Page your best example of a board game fail using the hashtag #RDTNgamefail.

It can be that time where your buddy thought he was going to win and a mistake cost him the game. Or the time everyone was ready to play a game and something happened to keep it from occurring. We will review the entries and the one that we like the best will get the Gift Card. That person will then be entered into the big Dice Tower Network drawing.

Be sure to post with the hashtag #RDTNgamefail. Instagram can be a generic picture, but be sure in the text area you give your example along with #RDTNgamefail.

Contest ends August 31st, 2016.

Good luck…and make us laugh!


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  1. Jimmy Mero

    ” the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.”

    My friends and had been planning a game of Dead of Winter for the better part of a month. We kept having to switch locations as players would fall in and out of the game. We settled on my friend Bob’s apartment. We don’t usually like to go Bob’s because he has a huge tibetan mastiff, Arlo, that sheds like a mad man. So the night finally arrived. We buckled in, set up the game and launched the Eric Summerer voiced app. Things were going pretty well. We’d managed to keep the zombies at bay. Mostly. We were midway through round three when someone needed to roll the exposure die to make a run for the gas station. We each looked at each other. Dumbfounded at the dies location. We searched everywhere around the table to find it but to no avail. Slowly it dawned on us, as Bob’s dog, Arlo, starred up at us from the corner. Arlo had eaten the die… Our morale dropped to zerio as we packed up the game and went home. In the end it was Arlo who had rolled the final bite and sealed our fate. (Sidenote: Plaid Hat was very kind and replaced the die free of charge.)

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