RDTN – Marty’s Musing’s – Top 3 ‘Meh’ Games of 2014

2014 had a lot of very popular games, but even with the hype there are some I just felt ‘meh’ about. Here are my top 3



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  1. Dan King

    In Five Tribes, I played with Zee Garcia from the Dice Tower on our first game at Gencon. I maxed out with the green resources cards (using one of the Djinns to allow me to use 2 slave cards for any resource). Even maxing that out Zee still won the game by over 20 points by using all 8 camels to control tiles and winning the yellow Vizier section.

    Therefore I think your complaint about it is not valid especially since this was a first game of this and another strategy beat the resource strategy even when maxing out the points there. After many more plays sure you can win with the resource cards, but it’s not the smoking gun. Especially if more than one player is going after the rare cards, or you get bad draws of what is available.

    It’s ok to be wrong buddy 🙂


    • admin

      Or it could be the player trying to use the resource card strategy just didn’t do right. 🙂

      Or it could be my group doesn’t know how counter that strategy.

      Or it could be I’m flat out wrong and just needed a third game to put in this list 🙂

  2. Stefan

    Very entertaining video. Both Five Tribes and Machi Koro are in my collection (though MK just got there at Christmas). Five Tribes is one of my favorites. I really enjoy watching that market and then jumping ahead of someone that clearly has their eye on certain cards to make sets. Since they’re only concentrating on the market, it’s super easy to throw a wrench into their plans. Though I agree that you have to get some market cards if you want any chance of actually winning.

    I first played Machi Koro with two players and it seemed broken beyond belief. There was no reason to ever roll two dice. The game was over too quickly. Then I played with four and the game again seemed broken because the red cards were so overpowered. Then I played with three players and all was right in the world. If you haven’t played with three, give it one more shot. Though you did say that the Harbor expansion helps all of the issues, so I’ll be anxious to get my hands on that one.

    Thanks for all the work you do to make an entertaining podcast.


    • admin

      Thanks for the comment! Yeah while there are some disagreements on my other two games, lots of people feel the same way as we do with Machi Koro -Marty

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