RDTN – Marty’s Musings: Game Box Inserts

I’ve always been impressed with well designed game box inserts. So in this video, I look at a few inserts, discuss their design and perform a simple test to see how well they hold up for transportation purposes.

Note: No games were hurt in the making of this video. The only thing hurt may be my pride.

6 Replies to “RDTN – Marty’s Musings: Game Box Inserts”

  1. Matt Franz

    I think you should call those crappy inserts like in elderitch “accordion” inserts. When you was stretching it in and out you looked like you was ready to do a polka song lol. Love the show Marty, keep it up!

  2. Rafael

    Haha that Suger Hill Gang – Apache was awesome and so was Psy – Gangnam Style!! Keep up the awesome work brother! Keep gaming!

  3. David Miller

    Inserts are crazy expensive, especially for any indie publishers but they certainly do affect the game experience. I have Carcassonne with the river expansion and the insert is about 4 tiles too small! They are a huge publisher but that one element sticks out like a sore thumb – would have been better not to have the insert at all.

    Thanks for the video (and genuine entertainment!) =D

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