RDTN Episode 67 – Just the Two of Us: XenoShyft Review, Flying Squirrels and Statistically Speaking

It has been awhile and we recognize it, but it is just the two of us for this show. Much of the show is on our critique of the new game from Cool Mini Or Not – Xenoshyft Onslaught. Marty and I have different opinions on this game, which is no surprise here, but what was the surprise was where the difference came in.

I do have to give a big thanks to my Co-host for doing this Kickstarter,  which allowed us a chance to play it. Just think, it was almost a year since Marty was exposed to the game at the CMON Expo.

We introduce our new segment in the showing called Flying Squirrels. This is intended to be quick discussions on topics that have caught our attention. This way we keep ourselves focused and mostly on task.

Finally, Taylor is back for another Statistically Speaking.  We talk about what it means to have expectations of your rolls in dice games. He makes an interesting argument about city placement in Catan that I had never considered before.

Don’t forget to enter our contest for a copy of Xenoshyft, just follow this link over to survey. We decided to try Google Survey this time, so hope this doesn’t confuse you.

Date, Segment
Intro, 00:30
Flying Squirrels, 03:00
1st & Goal, 5:10
BattleBards/Defenders of the Last Stand, 7:10
Kickstarter Shipping, 9:15
The Muppets, 11:15
Imperial Settlers – The Atlanteans, 13:15
Memior ’44, 15:15
Tumblers, 17:15
Neuroshima Hex App, 19:15
Review – XenoShyft Onslaught, 22:15
Statistically Speaking, 43:00
Outro, 53:45

8 Replies to “RDTN Episode 67 – Just the Two of Us: XenoShyft Review, Flying Squirrels and Statistically Speaking”

  1. Glenn

    For Tony:

    I use a drinkclip for my computer desk so no drinks are even near my electronics but I think they could be used for a board game table too. The jaws of the clips are 1 7/8 inches so would not fit on a very thick table.

    I was thinking they could make some decent prizes at tournaments

    Spills – the enemy of every board gamer! 🙂


    • Tony McRee

      Okay, that is very interesting. I could see those around the table. And they really work? They don’t let go overtime.

      • Glenn

        I have never had it fall and I have had the same one for 4 years.

        I would say as long as you are reasonable; if you smash it with your hand than I could see maybe sliding off the table (but it is really well belt in my opinion for what it is).

        Worth a try maybe at 9 dollars (at least when I bought mine). 🙂

  2. Glenn


    You forgot Starship Troopers?

    You have to give up your SciFi Fan Club Badge! 🙂


    BTW, Thanks for bringing up the new kickstarter trend of NOT having the shipping included.

  3. Steve

    That was a great episode, and thanks for the contest. While you guys were describing Xenoshyft Onslaught, I was thinking “Oh, so it’s Starship Troopers in a box.” And then you got to the point of trying to think of the name of the movie and you made me second guess myself!

    And thanks for pointing out that KS trend, as Glenn pointed out. For a number of campaigns it seemed to be a detail buried in the details. Might it be the days of “free shipping” are coming to a close? (Not that it was every really ‘free’ anyway, someone was paying for it, somewhere!)


  4. Greg W.

    Great show guys! Not sure if I am sold on Xenoshyft yet. I would be playing it solo mostly but already have star realms which can offer the same sort of experience/theme.

    Greg W.

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