RDTN Episode 56 – Reminiscing: Tiny Epic Galaxies, 2014 Look Back, Game of Thrones, and Camel Up

Not sure how many of you use BGG to record your plays, but at the start of the year, we decided to try and record our game plays as best we could for 2014. It just surprises me that even after feeling like I played a bunch of games this year, my stats are not as high as I thought they would be. I also didn’t realize just how many are the same ones we play again and again. It goes to show you, you play only what your group is comfortable playing.

Marty and I then ask what is a good gateway game that came out in 2014 to handle the issue above and we couldn’t come up with one. Can you think of a gateway game of 2014? Let us know via BGG, Twitter, Facebook, or here. Love to hear your opinion.pic2349732

Marty then sits down for a one on one interview with me about the new Kickstarter from Gamelyn Games – Tiny Epic Galaxies. It is funded, blowing past goals, and Marty likes it. I think he has funded all the Gamelyn Games and this is no exception. Enjoy the show.

Segment, Time
Intro into the show, 1:00
Game of Thrones Board Game, 7:45
Camel Up, 15:25
2014 Highlights, 21:50
What was a good gateway game of 2014?, 35:20
Tiny Epic Galaxies, 45:50
Outro, 1:04:45

Our stats for 2014
Game Plays in Month,Marty,Tony

One Reply to “RDTN Episode 56 – Reminiscing: Tiny Epic Galaxies, 2014 Look Back, Game of Thrones, and Camel Up”

  1. Glenn

    Even though I know Machi Koro was meh (laugh) – I have had great success introducing gaming with it; especially if kids are included. Is this a board game or card game (i feel more board like since the cards act as a board in a sense). Yes, I know it is not a good gamer’s game.

    Maybe with the expansion it will be an even better gateway.

    Hey, I do own FFG Star Wars Imperial Assault so you know someone else who owns it. 🙂

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