RDTN Episode 41: Locomotive Breath – BGG Game Trading, Ticket to Ride and Mark

cutmypicI have been trying to trade a game on Boardgamegeek for over a month now and when Marty and I talked about having Mark, gentleman from the gaming club, on the show, it was one of the topics he actually suggested we talk about. I was like, great, now I can learn what I am doing wrong. Well, it boiled down to that I am not doing much wrong, need to expand my want list a bit, but it just takes time and persistence and one will occur. Mark also introduced us to Math trades and that about blew our minds so be sure to click on the links below to get better info on that topic. Anyway, good discussion on the show and while I am sure many are aware of these options, we still thought it might help those that have never tried it. Dice Tower Game of the Month is Ticket to Ride and we discuss why that game is still great even after ten years. Go ahead, you know you want to play it again, so take it off the shelf and give it a play. Or go drop $80 on the 10 year anniversary edition. In the past month, I know I have played it at least five times with people who have never played it. Matter of fact, my daughter just used Ticket to Ride to introduce board gaming to her boyfriend’s family. Insert maniacal laugh here as we bring others into the hobby.

Segment, Time
Our Guest, 02:00
Want to trade a game, 20:30
GotM: Ticket to Ride, 46:30
Final Thoughts, 57:00

The links for the show:
BGG Math Trade Announcement
Video Tutorial on Math Trades
On-Line Want List Generator Information


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