RDTN Episode 320 – Screening, Streaming, or Steaming – Summer Movies 2024

00:00:00 Intro
00:07:15 The Fall Guy
00:09:50 IF
00:12:20 Furiosa
00:15:40 Garfield
00:18:40 Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes
00:20:48 Bad Boys: Ride or Die
00:23:52 Inside Out 2
00:26:40 A Quiet Place: Day One
00:28:25 Despicable Me 4
00:31:00 Twisters
00:34:45 Deadpool x Wolverine
00:37:58 Harald and the Purple Crayon
00:40:00 Borderlands
00:44:55 Trap
00:48:03 Alien: Romulus
00:51:25 The Crow
00:53:18 Kraven the Hunter
01:01:18 Draft

One of our guilty pleasures is doing an upcoming movie review with our good buddies Dan and Chris. But let’s be truthful, Marty needs others on the show that can be insightful on movies because without them, it would just be me listening to him talk about movies.

And when all the banter is done, we then do the draft of which ones we think will make the most at the box office. I you have the time, we would love to hear your thoughts over on the Discord channel.

Thanks for listening and back to games in the next episode.

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