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Want Us to do a Preview or give a Mention on our show

We are always happy to do previews of games, rpgs, game accessories, and well anything. However, there are a few things that we need help with in order to be fair when you ask us to provide a preview or mention on our show.

  1. Please send us a preview copy so that we can do the review. It doesn’t have to be the final copy, demos are great. If you have a Print and Play and want us to give it a look, be sure to allow more time, a lot more time, and provide a link to the file.To be honest, PnP demos are hard for us to get to just because we don’t have the resources to put together a game to try, but doesn’t mean we will not look at them if time allows.
  2. If your item is going to be crowd funded, be sure to give us time to review and cover in our show before it goes live. Normally a month lead time is enough, but depends on the complexity of the item being reviewed.
  3. We will only discuss those items which we like or have a keen interest for. However, if we find that we don’t care that much for it after previewing, then we might state that it isn’t something for us, but we will discuss the merits of the project overall.
  4. We normally have our shows planned two weeks in advance of our recording date. We then record our show at least a week before the release date. We normally release every other Tuesday. Therefore, if you want us to give a mention or preview, please calculate the lead time needed based on our recording of the show, not the release of the show.
  5. Finally, we do not return demos or previews unless agreed to earlier. Sorry.

Please shoot us an email ( if you have any questions or are interested in having us do a preview.

Marty and Tony

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  1. Thomas Ryan


    My name is Thomas Ryan, and I am one of three founders of Slightly Twisted Games ( We have recently completed development of our first game to be produced, called “Glory,” and are looking for reviews to coincide with the timing of our Kickstarter campaign.

    The game itself is a 2-4 player card based in which players are pitted against each other in an effort to rule the kingdom and achieve a glorious victory. Thematically, the game is a humorous Dungeons and Dragons/Fantasy parody.

    Is this something that you would be willing to review? We have several complete prototypes ready to ship, and we are hoping to launch our KS campaign once we have a few reviews under our belt/in queue in early May.

    Please feel free to stop by our website or reply to this email with any questions that you may have. Thank you for your time.

  2. Joe Slack

    Hi Marty and Tony,

    I’m a big game enthusiast and aspiring board game designer, and I too grew up on board games and Atari 2600. Ever play Raiders of the Lost Arc on Atari? It took a friend and I using an emulator 20 years after we played it as kids before we finally conquered it!

    As a gamer turned game designer, I know how hard it can be to find your audience and get your game out, so I’m trying to create a community that will help game designers and gamers connect.

    I’m actually working on a project right now to try to make it easier for tabletop game designers to connect with potential fans and share their games and to help gamers in turn find great games they will love. My focus is on light, fun, casual games that are easy to learn and a lot of fun to play. Games you can play with the family or friends, even if they’re not hard-core gamers. Most of the games I’ve been designing are very much of this nature.

    I’d really be interested in talking with you further about this to see if this is something you might want to mention in a future podcast. I’m going to be starting with a small launch to my own audience in April, then a bigger public launch in May. It would be awesome to have you on board, and I’d be glad to share a referral link with you so that you could earn some referral commissions if you were interested. Although there might not be a lot to say about the community yet, there would be a chance to talk about what it will involve and why it might be of interest for some listeners.

    Please let me know if you’d be interested in discussing further.

    Joe Slack “The Crazy Board Game Guy”

  3. Eric Stewart

    Marty, you and Chaz have amazing synergy! I would love to see a serious crop up similar to Man vs Meeple, but with just you and Chaos. And obviously in your own sarcastic hilarious banter. Hopefully you two are geographically close enough to make this fantasy remotely possible. I had never seen or heard of you prior to the CMON series of videos, and after witnessing the amazing Council of Four video…I’ll be a fan for life! 😀 I wish the best for you and your family.

    • Eric Stewart

      FYI I would happily support a Kickstarter or Indigogo campaign to fund such a venture!

    • admin

      Thank you so much for taking time to write. We love making content with Chaz and would love to do more. As far as videos, he is in Oregon and we are in North Carolina. BUT, we hope to make a few more videos when we are together at Origins and GenCon!

      However, Chaz just start a recurring segment on our show called Fuzzy Tales. The first installment is here:

      Chaz has been on the show several times in the past and will continue to do so in the future. But hopefully I can do more content with him on his channel too.
      Thanks! Marty

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