RDTN Episode 325: Charioteer, Rallyman Dirt, Heat, Sandbag, Agueda

00:00:00 Intro
00:05:08 Movie Talk
00:09:12 Squirrel Moment
00:10:55 Define rolling
00:15:52 Taste Buds
00:21:37 Gametoppers LLC
00:22:43 Rallyman Dirt
00:38:35 Miniature Market
00:39:25 Sandbag
00:46:09 Charioteer
00:59:22 Agueda
01:05:36 Heat: Heavy Rain
01:14:07 Portal Games
01:15:06 Final Racing Thoughts

Racing board games ignite the thrill of the track, where strategy meets speed. And being from NASCAR country, we enjoy our racing games. In this episode we explore three different styles of racing games: Charioteer, Rallyman Dirt, and Heat-Heavy Rain

  1. Charioteer:
    • Race into the winner’s circle with this set collection style racing game.
    • Play your cards to either sprint ahead, damage your opponents or navigate the turn of the forum.
    • Strategic card play will definitely factor in on who will win this game.
  2. Rallyman: Dirt:
    • Rev your engines by rolling dice and completing the track in the best time.
    • Push your luck as you navigate treacherous turns to outpace your opponents.
    • Modular tracks, dice-driven movement, and strategic decisions are key aspects of this game.
  3. Heat Heavy Rain:
    • Are you ready for two new tracks for Heat, then pick up this expansion.
    • New elements on the track will test your hand management skills as you race into the corners.
    • Draft, strategize, and sprint to the finish line while dealing with your opponents in this expansion for Heat: Pedal to the Metal

Sandbag is an anti-trick taking card game where you look to manipulate trump but in doing so help out the other players. Agueda is a collection game where you are trying to meet three scoring objectives set forth at the beginning of the game. While playing, the family compared it to Azul, but with a little less stress and hate drafting.

Thanks for listening and those back from Origins, hope you had a wonderful time.

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