RDTN Episode 323: Path of Civilization, Sunrise Lane, Mind Map, Compile

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:00 Marty’s Move
00:13:15 Easter Egg in Ep 322
00:14:16 Cheerwine Festival
00:17:00 Strike Tournament Info
00:24:40 My City Roll & Draw
00:27:30 Episode Title Stats
00:32:10 Portal Games
00:33:55 Sunrise Lane
00:40:50 Path of Civilization
01:02:20 Compile
01:07:45 Gametoppers
01:10:25 Mind Map
01:18:05 Miniature Market
01:20:02 Outro (Baseball & SWU)

It’s time for the big Gen Con Strike Tournament ticket sale! You can hear all the details in the episode.

Marty struggles to get through the episode as he tries to recovery from helping his son move. But he manages to find the energy to get through reviews of four games including one of our favorite style of games, a civ style game.

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