RDTN Episode 322: Vijayanagara, Lunar Rush, Unmatched: Slings & Arrows, Vampire Village, Tangram City, Pass Pass, Tetrarchia

00:00:31 Intro
00:03:00 Tangram City
00:10:51 Lunar Rush
00:23:32 Game Toppers LLC
00:26:00 Unmatched: Slings & Arrows
00:34:30 Vampire Village
00:46:16 Pass Pass
00:51:44 Miniature Market
00:52:57 Vijayanagara
01:05:27 Tetrarchia
01:11:36 Portal
01:12:39 Star Wars Unlimited Update

If spatial relations are not your thing, you’re not alone. I have always had trouble seeing what shape an unfolded piece of paper would make. But I also know that I can pack a car with luggage or don’t have navigational challenges. So, games like Tangram City are good ways for me to practice the challenges that I have with spatial relations.

We also played several games that were quick hitters and enjoyable. Vampire Village has the elements in a game that we like with card passing and then card assignment. Having Unmatched bring in some classic literature was fun and makes us reflect to our high school days as we reminder Shakespeare or what little remember from the plays.

Then the new GMT title Vijayanagar was so nice. In my opinion, a COIN style game that seemed to move at a great pace and still kept the elements that make COIN so popular.

Thanks for listening and appreciate all the support.

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