RDTN Episode 317: Printing Press, Imperium Horizons, Xylotar, Alpujarras

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:02 Glory Days
00:08:12 Vacation Report
00:13:45 Star Wars Unlimited
00:19:30 Taste Buds
00:24:29 Miniature Market
00:26:40 Printing Press
00:33:40 2015 Game of the Year
00:43:09 Game Toppers LLC
00:45:18 Xylotar
00:52:18 Imperium Horizons
01:11:02 Portal Games
01:13:10 Alpujarras
01:19:00 Outro

Welcome back to the normal show. We hope you had a chance to listen to our favorites from 2023. When reviewing games or giving our opinion, we try and consider the game’s target audience and how well it achieves its goals, whether it’s strategy, family-friendliness, or replayability. Our perspective on the game’s complexity, duration, and enjoyment level hopefully provides insights for potential players. And by including comparisons to similar games can help readers gauge their interest based on previous experiences. If anything, we hope to help you make an informed decision about adding the game to your collection.

Thanks for listening and we are always happy to hear any feedback you have.

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