RDTN Episode 314: El Grande, Aqua, Anunnaki, Unboxed and Plenty More

00:00:00 Intro
00:05:46 Tantrum Con
00:08:41 Cabanga
00:11:43 Skull King
00:14:04 Wine Cellar
00:18:56 Kutna Hora
00:23:15 Tantrum Con Wrap Up
00:25:47 King of Tokyo
00:27:47 Think Like a Shrink
00:32:33 Song Saga
00:40:11 The Floor
00:44:10 Portal Games
00:45:35 Aqua
00:50:47 El Grande
00:58:36 Unboxed
01:02:34 Miniature Market
01:03:45 Anunnaki
01:21:00 2GM Tactics
01:27:41 Game Toppers
01:29:27 Switch: Rising Lords
01:32:26 Outro

Lots of games to discuss, but what do you expect after another convention. Yes, we might be biased because it is in our backyard, but if you are looking for a convention to go to next year, consider Tantrum Con. It is incredibly well run by some of the nicest people you will ever meet. There was something always going on with plenty of space for open gaming.

The annual award show is just a month away, so be sure to get in your votes for the All Y’all Award. We will shut down the form on 2/17 so we have time to tabulate the votes and get the nominees over to the presenter. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

2 Replies to “RDTN Episode 314: El Grande, Aqua, Anunnaki, Unboxed and Plenty More”

  1. Eran Thomson

    Thanks for playing Song Saga!

    We loved hearing you learn new things about each other and reconnect with the music of your lives.

    1. Rolling Stones? Amazing.

    2. He IS in love, but afraid of being hurt, so he denies it.

    3. Don’t be embarrassed by Wham!

    4. Samantha Fox – Hot.


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