RDTN Episode 310: Nucleum, Santa’s Workshop, Unmatched: Tales to Amaze, Tokaido Duo, Builder’s High

00:00:00 Intro – 11 Year Anniversary
00:05:51 Free League Publishing
00:08:00 Aconyte Books
00:12:55 In other News
00:14:50 Ticket To Ride – Crushed
00:17:50 Card Scene
00:24:40 Sports Ball Talk
00:28:36 Sagrada Artisans
00:31:12 Anniversary Contest
00:35:38 Portal Games
00:37:40 Nucleum
00:59:51 Tokaido Duo
01:05:22 Gametoppers LLC
01:08:19 Santa’s Workshop
01:18:27 Builder’s High
01:24:34 Miniature Market
01:26:17 Unmatched: Tales to Amaze
01:38:45 Astlibra Revision
01:45:06 Outro

Marty and I both worked in a nuclear power plant when we got out of college. Might explain a few other things, but that is why we were looking forward to Board and Dice’s new game Nucleum. I enjoyed the game and the simplicity of the actions you take. But the requirement of thinking out your next three, four, ten steps is so important in this game. It also brings with it enough interaction to create some tension between players, but nothing that can completely ruin a game for someone. It is a long (2+hrs), thinky game and if you enjoy those types, then give it a try.

But on the completely opposite spectrum is Santa’s Workshop. This is a straight up worker placement that harkens back to the times of basic place/convert resources/get victory points in worker placement games. But there is an interesting choice where you may not want to be first in certain areas because you need more material, but you give those before you victory points when you do. Two methods of play that are different enough that one method may not win out over the other.

Unmatched: Tales to Amaze is the coop version of the game if your group is not a fan of playing against one another. I enjoy coop games that ramp up quickly and this one does. Also, you can mix and match previous characters to play this game, so if you want to see Bruce Lee against aliens, bring it. Like when you can bring in early stuff to a board game.

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