RDTN Episode 309: Plantagenet, The ART Project, Tesseract, Tipperary, Similo, Hitler’s Reich

00:00:00 Intro – Take Two
00:02:34 Christmas Tree Count
00:05:00 Lawn Care Tips
00:07:47 How To Play Videos
00:09:34 Glass Sculpture
00:12:43 TV Updates
00:15:20 Episode 309a
00:16:28 Similo
00:21:50 Big Bomb Drop
00:26:48 Portal Games
00:28:40 Hitler’s Reich: WW2 in Europe
00:35:00 Plantagenet
00:46:55 Tipperary
00:51:50 Miniature Market
00:54:11 The A.R.T. Project
01:04:41 Tesseract
01:09:45 Gametoppers LLC
01:12:58 Super Mario RPG
01:16:21 Outro

As with all things, the more you practice, the better you get. Or that is what we are told. You will find out if that is true or not in this episode as we unfortunately had a dry run and had to re-record this episode. But don’t worry, we were able to capture all the goodness the second go around.

We spent one Saturday doing some heavy GMT games and we give you our initial thoughts on these and if they might hit the table again. One is from 2018 and then one is from 2023. We played three cooperative games during our local game night and maybe you might consider adding them to your collection especially if you don’t have those hard-core gamers coming over for the holidays.

Thanks for listening and our big year end show is just around the corner.

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