RDTN Episode 308: Empire’s End, Race to the Rhine, Jokkmokk, Sea Salt & Paper, Borderlands, The Hunt, Sail, Faeries, Scram!

00:00:00 Game Toppers KS 4.0
00:01:46 Intro
00:11:51 Miniature Market (Rolling10 – $10 off $75 order)
00:13:24 Ewin Racing Chairs (RDTN – 30% off order)
00:14:56 Scram!
00:18:03 Sail
00:23:30 Faeries & Magical Creatures
00:27:51 Gamegenic
00:30:55 Etiquette
00:33:29 Taste Buds
00:39:55 Portal Games
00:42:15 Jokkmokk
00:47:10 Borderlands: Mister Torgue’s Arena of Badassery
00:55:15 Empire’s End
01:02:26 The Hunt
01:11:04 Sea Salt & Paper
01:16:17 Keep’em Rolling! Race to the Rhine
01:24:57 Vampire Survivors
01:30:42 Air Twister
01:32:48 Outro
Well, Tony has returned after Vanessa did an amazing job filling in. We are currently working on convincing her to be a regular and she responds appropriately to that request. But another bunch of games to discuss with the awaited game Empire’s End. This is one that caught Marty’s eye at Origins last year and he enjoyed it then. Does it still have his interest, find out.

Borderlands was a game we saw at Gen Con and love the video game. But now we have a dungeon crawl game in that universe. Does it bring the loot? Does it bring the challenges and how does it compare to our found memories of the video game?

Tons of games again, so dive into the episode and enjoy. Don’t forget about the Rolling10 code to use at Miniature Market, time is running out.

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