RDTN Episode 300: Gen Con 2023

00:01:53Day 1 at Gen Con 2023
00:03:53Good Games Publishing
00:10:05Asmodee Event
00:11:55Lucky Duck Get Together
00:12:57Wiz Kids Booth
00:14:56More Asmodee
00:15:29This didn’t happen
00:16:15Hatchette Event
00:17:51Day 1 Done
00:18:40Miniature Market
00:19:51Day 2 – Taste Buds
00:25:00Recap Day 2
00:26:48Disney Lorcana Thing
00:32:31Shopping at Gen Con
00:34:20Star Wars Unlimited
00:42:20Ares Games
00:44:36Floodgate Games
00:49:53More Great Designers
00:51:06Strike Tournament Review
00:56:22Portal Games
00:57:28Day 3 Recap – Renegade
00:59:23North Star Games
01:01:04The OP Games
01:03:15Randolph Games
01:05:01Boards & Dice
01:06:31Game Boy Geek
01:07:15Lorcana Follow Up
01:08:01Sky Team
01:10:10Day 3 Wrap Up
01:10:49Game Toppers LLC
01:12:21Day 4 Recap
01:13:19Elder Scrolls Demo
01:18:12Food Talk
01:19:07Brotherwise Games
01:20:19Upper Deck Games
01:21:01Hidden Gems
01:22:32Altered CCG
01:30:00Taste Buds Again

Not typing much here because it is our special Gen Con episode, and a summary would not do all things we did and saw justice.

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