RDTN Episode 298: Dawn of Ulos, 1212 Las Navas de Tolosa, Archeos Society, Thunder Road: Vendetta, The Princes of Florence

00:06:51CEO Gaming Event
00:08:48Pocket Paragons
00:11:00Thunder Road: Vendetta
00:17:13Lawn Care Sucks Sometime
00:21:15The Princes of Florence
00:26:41Oh My Brain & Scout
00:29:40Miniature Market
00:34:08Taste Buds
00:39:20Gametoppers LLC
00:41:55Dawn of Ulos
00:55:301212 Las Navas de Tolosa
01:00:40Archeos Society
01:13:10Portal Games
01:15:25RDTN at Gen Con

Sometimes a game is better than what you expected, and you are caught by surprise. You knew you would like it because of the mechanics and even because of the publisher, but it was better than your expectations. This was Dawn of Ulos for us recently. We were not sure how they were going to pull the economic part of this game off, but they did, and it was not like a tired old stock market game.

Ethnos has been one of our favorite games and we were excited to see that it was getting a reprint but not everything made it into the final game. In our opinion, the area majority should not have been removed. The times that I have played the game, it is what has helped swing the victory points at the end and helped keep leaders in check. It was also a larger part of the strategy of the game. Archeos Society left that out and opted for victory point tracks where there is no competition other than for the cards that help you progress of the track. Will admit, the new version is simpler to play and teach and might be what you are looking for in this set collection game. Mixed feelings on this one

War games have become a norm at RDTN and 1212 Las Navas de Tolosa provides a war game fix for us at lunch with this fast-playing war game. The asymmetric sides provide the strategy and tension required in these types of games and the card draws help with the random events that are needed to keep strategies fresh.

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