RDTN Episode 295: Saigon 75, Twilight Struggle – Red Sea, Vivarium, Vaalbara

00:00:36 Intro
00:02:21 More Strike Tickets
00:05:00 Traveling is Hard
00:06:44 Going to the Mall
00:09:14 Movies and Taste of Charlotte
00:15:45 Vietnam Vet Visit
00:18:25 Portal Games
00:20:16 Saigon 75
00:35:35 Vaalbara
00:41:46 Miniature Market
00:43:24 Twilight Struggle: Red Sea
00:58:40 Vivarium
01:04:41 Gametoppers LLC
01:07:13 Outro

Saigon was the capital of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. In 1975, it was captured by the North Vietnamese army and the Viet Cong, marking the end of the war and the reunification of Vietnam under communist rule. The fall of Saigon was preceded by a massive evacuation of American and South Vietnamese civilians and military personnel, who fled the city by helicopter, boat, or plane. This is the tension you are facing as you play Saigon 75. This game isn’t complex and that is the strength of this game. It honestly made me believe I was trying to hold on to hope. But while playing, all these war movies are running through my head that are about this time in history. This was such an enjoyable game but if having the throw of dice always dictating your outcome is not your thing, then might not be for you.

If you are looking for either a quick game of Twilight Struggle or not sure you would like the complexity and length of Twilight Struggle, then really consider playing Red Sea: Conflict in the Horn of Africa. It gives you that Twilight Struggle feel, but in a fraction of the time. It tastes great, but is less filling, meaning time wise. So this works for me and think that is why enjoyed it so much.

And if you need two quick filler games on set collection, Vaalbara and Vivarium can do that for you. Which one you might want to consider is dependent on which drafting mechanic you prefer. Do you want one where it is based on silent bids or one where simply pulling from a row/column based on the dominoes you have in hand. While the mechanic in Vivarium is simpler, the strategy for scoring is up there with Vaalbara.

Thanks for listening and appreciate all those that have already committed to the Strike Tournament at Gen Con.

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