RDTN Episode 288: Banish the Snakes, My Shelfie, Ierusalem – Anno Domini, Worldbreaker

00:00:00 Klaus Teuber
00:03:40 Intro
00:08:44 Apology Needed
00:10:00 Gen Con Strike Event
00:13:05 RRR Movie
00:21:11 Flesh & Blood
00:24:55 Disney Lorecana
00:29:08 Fanroll (Code: RDTN10)
00:32:12 Gametoppers LLC (Code: RDTN15)
00:34:22 Banish the Snakes
01:06:18 My Shelfie
01:11:47 Portal Games
01:13:22 Ierusalem: Anno Domini
01:34:13 Worldbreaker: Advent of the Khanate
01:42:42 Miniature Market
01:45:44 Video Games

Legend has it that Saint Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, but this is actually a myth. There is no evidence that snakes ever existed in Ireland, as the country has been separated from the European mainland for thousands of years. Therefore, it is more likely that the legend of Saint Patrick and the snakes is a metaphorical tale that refers to the saint’s efforts to convert the Irish people from their pagan beliefs to Christianity. And that is what you and your fellow Saints are attempting in this new GMT cooperative game. It is a toughie, liking playing with six pandemic cards.

Today, the site of the Last Supper is believed to be the Cenacle, a room located on the upper floor of a building in Jerusalem’s Old City. The building is now a holy site for both Christians and Jews, and it is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year. But you can stay at home and visit the site in the new game from Devir called Ierusalem. Yes, it is with an I.

Arranging a bookshelf is a personal preference, and in My Shelfie, it is all that matters. That and meeting specific goals. In real life, a bookshelf arrangement can depend on many factors, such as the size of the bookshelf, the number of books you have, and the type of books you have. Which is kind of what is needed in this game as well. Imagine that.

If you’re looking for a new collectible card game (CCG) to try, there are several options available on the market but sometimes there are ones that will fly under the radar. Worldbreakers might be one of them. Quick to play, ability to customize decks, and very straightforward in actions you perform. There is the battling against one another, but it isn’t like you are trying to defeat the other player’s hero.

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