RDTN Episode 280: Marvel:Age of Heroes, Robotech-Reconstruction, Galileo Project, Motor City, Goblin Vaults

00:00:37 Intro
00:06:35 Goblin Vaults
00:13:15 Mahjong
00:17:28 Galileo Project
00:26:25 Motor City
00:30:50 Fun K-town
00:33:36 Bacon Hotdogs
00:35:03 Taste Buds
00:40:21 Portal Games
00:41:10 Robotech: Reconstruction
01:02:31 Game Toppers LLC
01:03:45 Marvel: Age of Heroes
01:24:46 Miniature Market
01:25:45 Chained Echos
01:30:49 Video Game Discussion
01:34:45 Outro

Welcome back to another interesting discussion on board games, video games, and whatever else we can think of. This episode backs down the length, you are welcome. But we still do not shy away from our recent games and hope we can intrigue you in possibly playing them.

Not gonna sum them up like I normally due in the post, you need to listen. That is right, got to put a little skin in the game to find out if they were games that we enjoyed.

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