RDTN Episode 275: Ready Set Bet, Basilica, Time of Empires, Get on Board, TTR Poland

00:00:00 Intro
00:07:30 Ticket to Ride: Poland
00:11:00 Get On Board
00:20:00 Game Toppers
00:21:20 Time of Empires
00:42:40 Portal Games
00:45:20 Basilica
00:55:20 Fun Facts
01:05:55 Ready Set Bet
01:16:02 Miniature Market
01:17:48 Edge of the Earth
01:26:15 Starcraft revisited
01:33:52 E-Win Chairs
01:36:05 Outro

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (well those in the US). We have lots of fun, Tony did some traveling, Marty had family in. But will still got lots of great games to tell you about!!

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