RDTN Episode 272: Terra Nova, Heat: Pedal to the Metal, Village Rails, Dice Theme Park

00:00:37 Intro
00:09:52 Critical Foundation
00:13:29 Chicken
00:17:10 Ultra Pro
00:18:37 Heat: Pedal to the Metal
00:38:45 Village Rails
00:44:46 Portal Games
00:48:42 Terra Nova
01:05:45 Hickory Dickory from PHG
01:08:55 Gametoppers
01:10:05 Dice Theme Park
01:22:47 Miniature Market
01:24:44 One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend
01:26:56 Outro

Long discussions on three games in this episode, but they are worth of the discussion. When we saw Heat: Pedal to the Metal at Gen Con, thought this one might be right up our alley. Sometimes simple mechanics really are all you need, and Heat provides that. There is also enough variability in the setup, that it should provide challenges every time it hits the table. We often do not duplicate games in our collections, but this will be on both of our shelves.

I, Tony, am not a fan of Terra Mystica. It just isn’t my cup of tea. When Marty said that Terra Nova may be something that takes away some of my issues with Terry Mystica, really looked forward to playing it. I liked this version enough to where I would play this again. The length was good, and the challenge was right. Still not a fan of the Power Pool, but that is what brings the challenge to this game in my opinion. If you have friends who were not fans of Terra Mystica, get them to try Terra Nova and maybe they will enjoy this stream down game.

Dice Theme Park is one of those games where even when you are playing against others, it is a solitary experience. How can you make your park produce more points than others? There is very limited interaction with one another so not much is going to happen to mess you up. However, the unique card play is something you need to pay attention to with the other players. This might impact your next decision in future rounds. It is one of those games I would introduce someone to after playing a game like Sagrada.

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