RDTN Episode 271: Ark Nova, Virtu, Ole Guacamole, Splendor Duel, Cult of the Deep, Black Angel

00:00:33 Intro
00:11:10 Taste Buds
00:14:00 RDTN Update
00:18:22 Bridal Show: Candles
00:21:45 Ole Guacamole
00:24:54 Black Angel
00:28:20 Cult of the Deep
00:32:20 Miniature Market
00:33:20 Game Toppers
00:34:12 Ark Nova
00:52:51 The Thing
01:00:54 Portal Games
01:02:30 Virtu
01:20:22 Splendor Duel
01:34:20 Ultra Pro
01:35:56 Oceans Digital Version
01:40:05 Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef
01:38:51 Outro

The annual BooBQ was held and a feed bag was put on and games were played. Both games were big on time and had a large table presence. We are late to the game with Ark Nova, but we understand the buzz on this one. I do believe that I will pass on playing it with four people again, took a bit long for my personal taste. Not saying it shouldn’t be played at that count, just not for me.

The Thing falls victim to that trap of where you think there are simple rules and as you get into it, there are all these little things that come up. Case in point, the Flamethrower. It is a simple weapon, burn something during the game. But you need to know how many gas cans to put on the weapon. If you burn the Thing, then this applies. And don’t forget about setting the building on fire. What about testing someone, that is also a Thing you can do. Once you get those little rules down, then you get to the whole game of just screaming at each other and accusing them of being an alien.

If you are looking for a new game for those family gatherings, we really like Ole Guacamole. To me, the fun is trying to come up with some clever word that is going to trip up the next person when they go to link it. It doesn’t have to be some complicated word, just something that you can watch someone sit there and start going through all the things and have to check themselves before they say it. Example would be the word “car”. There are so many things you could say that link to that word but watch people get overloaded with them and then have to check to make sure they can say it. For under $15 at Miniature Market, good game to pick up to get you over the free shipping hump.

Thanks for listening, we really do appreciate it. We are coming up on our 10th year celebration and wouldn’t have made it this far without all the support.

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