RDTN Episode 269: Which toys should be in the 2022 Hall of Fame? (w/ Chaz Marler)

00:00:00 Intro
00:04:56 Childhood Toys
00:08:19 Toy #1
00:10:51 Toy #2
00:13:19 Toy #3
00:14:56 Toy #4
00:18:26 Toy #5
00:20:13 Toy #6
00:23:40 Toy #7
00:25:10 Toy #8
00:26:21 Toy #9
00:27:48 Toy #10
00:30:00 Toy #11
00:32:50 Toy #12
00:36:10 Our Predictions

It has been far too long since Chaz has graced the RDTN podcast. Therefore, silliness is going to happen, but we get down to business. We discuss the 2022 Strong National Museum of Play nominees for Toy Hall of Fame. We decide which ones are worthy and which should not be in the running. Okay, they all deserve to be there, but some more than others, in our opinion which is the last 10 minutes of the video.

Chaz promised he would be back in another two years, but we will try to have him on again sooner than later because it was so much fun.

Thanks for listening and maybe watching since this is one with a video.

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