RDTN Episode 267: Quartermaster General 1914, Yak, Fyfe, Paper Dungeons, Scout, Marvel Dice Throne

00:00:35 Intro
00:01:32 MegaMooseCon
00:04:00 Lawn Care Tips
00:09:20 RDTN Business
00:11:48 Crescent Moon 5 Player
00:15:00 Interruption by Alexa
00:16:20 Back to the show
00:17:15 Marvel Dice Throne
00:22:05 Scout
00:30:17 Portal Games
00:32:40 Yak
00:37:53 Quartermaster General: 1914
00:57:11 Miniature Market
00:58:30 Fyfe
01:04:23 Paper Dungeons
01:10:20 Ultra Pro
01:12:45 Outro

We are back for another discussion about lawn care, it is that time again. It is never to early to start prepping the yard for the seeding and recovery from a tough summer. If you have been listening to the show long enough, you were prepared for this episode.

As far as games go, Paper Dungeon was a hit for us. There is enough randomness from the dice to keep the players guessing their strategy and hoping they made the right move. But there is enough tension as players race to collect the gems in the maze before battling the monsters. Fyfe randomness is painful in a good way and the frustration can build as you try and hope to complete that one row or column that will combo other events. But do you wait for that one lucky draw to get big rewards makes for some tough decisions.

Quartermaster General 1914 brought its own tension to the table as we watched the round marker move ever slowly forward wondering who was going to be able to pull out the victory. Would the Central Powers be able to hold on in the late part of the game, or would the Entente make a final push? Did the UK have that one card in hand that would force Germany to have to discard a bunch of cards or was it going to force a battle to whittle down those prepared cards that were on the table.

Yak was just family fun with great production with just enough tension to keep the game from getting stale on the table.

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