RDTN Episode 266: What’s Different About This Show?

00:00:40 Hello
00:02:09 Taste Buds
00:07:33 Why are we doing this
00:13:44 Topics that excite you
00:16:03 What games are next
00:17:07 Moonpie Sponsorship we wish
00:18:21 Just talk about it
00:19:35 Not getting it back
00:22:09 The Sword
00:26:16 Puzzles and a Mystery
00:28:00 Outro

Somebody has another idea and this time it is about doing a video on short topics. That is what we are going to try and attempt with this episode of RDTN. It is bad enough to have background noise in our normal podcast, but now, video background noise?

We spend 30 minutes talking about what we are going to talk about when we do this. We do a Taste Buds segment with the newest flavor of Coke and give our thoughts. Spoiler, it isn’t as bad as Starlight. The rest of the time, we try to stay on topic. Yep, all in 30 minutes with no edits and not $5 worthy for the mistakes.

Do the words Train Wreck come to mind?!?

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