RDTN Episode 261: 1941 Race to Moscow, Northgard, Sniper Elite, Abstract Academy, Catherine

00:00:37 Intro
00:08:55 Taste Buds
00:15:00 Expanding our Buds
00:18:20 Mountain Dew Overdrive
00:20:14 Abstract Academy
00:24:43 Cathrine: The Cities of Tsarina (Preview)
00:27:54 Ark Nova
00:30:52 Ultra Pro
00:34:37 Northgard: Uncharted Lands
00:50:55 1941: Race to Moscow
01:04:30 Miniature Market
01:06:30 Sniper Elite
01:19:00 Portal Games
01:20:20 Plugged In
01:28:15 Outro

Somebody was a happy boy when he got to taste his Grape Pop-Tarts. All the bugs and durian has led up to the moment of nostalgia as that flavor washed over Marty’s taste buds. Hate there was no video of the eyes rolling in the back of his head because it was so good.

Speaking of good, all the games in this episode are solid and something you might consider in future purchases. Northgard for the 4x fast playing game. Sniper Elite for hidden movement. 1941 Race to Moscow to see if you could do better than those in history. Abstract Academy for that quick hitter that scratches the two player itch when needed.

While the teach may seem daunting for some of the games, it wasn’t bad once we got into them. You know the basic mechanics, just how did they change them for this game. So dive in and give them a shot.

Thanks to our listeners for all the tasty treats, we really do appreciate your kindness. However, we still have a bag of bugs to eat. We just got to pace ourselves.

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