RDTN Episode 260: Gutenberg, Cat in the Box, Radlands, Sakura Arms, First Rat, Wingspan Oceania, Orlog, Wormholes

00:37 Intro
02:57 Upcoming Taste Buds
06:00 The Origins Adventure
10:05 Mistakes Happen
11:30 Durian Lives On
14:38 Wingspan: Oceania
19:20 Wormholes
21:33 Restoration Updates
23:08 Hitler’s Reich: WW2 in Europe
26:55 Marrakesh
29:43 Bot Factory
30:41 First Rat
37:50 Ultra Pro
39:50 Cat in the Box
1:00:55 Orlog
1:05:38 Gutenberg
1:32:21 Portal Games
1:33:17 Radlands
1:39:43 Sakura Arms
1:50:04 Miniature Market
1:51:52 Outro

One correction to save us some money, it is Oceania not Oceanic for the Wingspan expansion. Not sure why it got stuck in my head that it was Oceanic. Aside from that, good expansion if you don’t already have it for Wingspan. And for those who haven’t figured it out, Toot-a-Loop.

Gutenberg is one of the Euro games that people will enjoy for the simplicity of it and still feel like they were challenged strategically to beat their opponents. The planning phase can determine if you get what you need, but even if you don’t, you might have to adjust your strategy as you move down the execution order to achieve what you wanted to do. For example, maybe you needed a new order but didn’t like the one you were left with, then you might adjust a gear that lets you take a new order this turn at random. Little things like that might make a difference in your game.

Cat in the Box is going to be a big game for the card players looking for that next challenge. I remember when Diamonds hit the scene and everyone was enjoying that game. See the same future for this game as well.

Sakura Arms, Orlog and Radlands are enjoyable lunchtime games for two players. Look into those if you got a gaming pal at work.

Thanks for listening and we appreciate all the support

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  1. James Reid

    I don’t think this is $5 worthy but when talking about the Green always wins game, Tony said that he thought of Lime for Green because of Skittles… Green Skittles have been Green Apple for a while which kinda goes to Marty’s point!

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