Episode 34: Crazy Train

Vanessa's SwordSorry Another episode for your review. One of our main topics is teaching games to others. As more and more people discovery the goodness of board games, those of us that have played for awhile get labeled as those that know the rules and should be able to teach others. Kind of like being the person in the office that knows something about technology, therefore you can fix anything wrong with a computer or the network. Just because you enjoy the hobby, that doesn’t make you an expert. I am secure enough to admit that I am not very good at teaching games and so when I try and explain a game to new players, I do my best realizing my faults. I tend to over-simplify a game, or fail to give the key strategy points in a game.


But people all learn differently and when you have different styles in a game, like those that just want to play and learn versus someone who has to hear the rules from start to end before you play, you have got a rough game ahead, Teaching a game is an art and for those that do it well or put yourself out there, I salute you. There are many people out there that try and do youtube videos on the web to teach you, but the two I enjoy the most are Watch It Played and Rahdo also known as Richard Ham on BoardGameGeek. I bet you have heard of them both.

Segment, Time
Teaching a Game, 01:00

Pathfinder Review, 17:24

Conflict PvP, 20:45
Infamy, 25:00

Our YouTube Page, 29:30
Shadowrun RPG Event, 31:30
Upper Deck 25th Anniversary, 47:00
Close Out, 55:20
At the Table Question, 58:00

6 Replies to “Episode 34: Crazy Train”

  1. Michael

    When teaching a game I like to “re-write” the rules into a 2-5 page word document that I completely understand myself, then I just go step by step over the turn phases for each player and then we play 1 or 2 rounds and that works very well for most games. There are games where this is much tougher cause the rules are VERY EXTENSIVE but those games your going to need a very willing group of participants who all want to learn the game, probably over more then just 1 play sessions.

  2. Michael

    Also, LOVE Rodney Smith, I found his channel nearly 2 years ago after I purchased Mansions of Madness and found his play through, it was so good! Been a fan ever since.

    • admin

      I got to spend time with Rodney this weekend. He is as genuine and nice as he seems on his videos. Great guy -Marty

  3. Michael

    Pathfinder = Game is too easy. I agree. It is still a lot of fun, but I would like to be challenged more as well. We are playing 4 players.

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