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  • Post Holiday Thoughts

    Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got some good games. As mentioned in our first podcast, I did receive the games Pit Deluxe (the bell makes it) and Star Fluxx for […]

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Gaming!

    We hope everyone has a great Christmas and holiday season. Our next episode will be posted Jan 2nd. with a new Casual Corner and a look back at gaming in […]

  • Episode 1 – The Beginning

    Our premier episode of Rolling Dice & Taking Names is now available. In this episode we have: Introductions Casual Corner – Settlers of Catan Gift ideas for Christmas – Smash […]

  • Finally, I got to play Agricola

    Last night I was at our local gaming club (QCGC) and had the opportunity to play Agricola. Blasphemy I know. I can hear the comments now “And you call yourself […]

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