Really, you listened to it

Just got back from our vacation and had a wonderful time as always. Plenty of games and just enough Oh Pishaw (Oh Hell) was played to keep it fun 🙂 Discovered that the people we stayed with and our neighbors had actually listened to the podcast and they had taken snippets of it and did something called autotune to my segments and let me hear it in a new voice. They also kept dropping hints on some things I said, like playing to much Oh Pishaw and I completely missed it. Bravo to them for pulling a great prank and appreciate them listening and losing 30 mins of their lives.

Games played this past week: Star Fluxx, Cosmic Encounter, Nuns on the Run, 7 Wonders, Oh Pishaw, Tripoley, Sequence, and ran Fools Rush In intro to Iron Kingdoms. What a good week

Podcast should be out this week, final edits being done by Marty.

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