Wow – I never knew our shirts had style

Do you remember me telling you about Gene and his wife. I met them at Gen Con 2013 at the Dice Tower live podcast. And do you also remember how I gave her the RDTN shirt I had been carrying around for a day because it just seemed like the nice thing to do for people who listen to the show (see Episode 21). Well, she said that she was going to modify it a bit to give it a more style than our regular T-shirt. Today we heard from Gene and he sent us a picture of his lovely wife in her masterpiece. Thanks guys, it looks great!

And not being wasteful, she made a dice bag out of the leftovers, so she can carry them and be ready to take some names. Now, she was able to make our shirt look this good, just imagine the costumes they were wearing at Gen Con and you know how good they were.

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