Want a $50 Gift Card from CoolStuffInc? Entry Method #1

As we mentioned in Episode 18, we have the privilege to offer our listeners, followers, guildies, and groupies the opportunity to win a $50 gift card to Cool Stuff Inc. via the Dice Tower Network. So for the month of August, we will provide ways for you to enter into the drawing for the gift card. And this drawing isn’t just us, it is also across the Dice Tower Network. You can go visit the following DTN shows and find out how to enter into their drawings/contests for their $50 gift cards:

So, how do you get your name in a hat for a shot at the GC? The first way is by heading over to BoardGameGeek and join our guild. Current members will automatically be entered.

That is it for now, but continue to follow our blog and Twitter for more ways to be entered into the drawing.

Chances of winning are based on the number of entries received during the month of August. The winner of the prize agrees to the use of their name on the Dice Tower Network and will provide information that allows the awarding of the prize.

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