The Quest: Expansion to Pillars of the Earth

Ever since I played Pillars of the Earth at Origins last year, which I can’t attend this year, I have been looking forward to owning it. Fortunately, I finally was able to get a copy and very happy that I did. I wrote about the game experience and since then, have played a couple more times and even taught it to the wife and neighbors who really liked it. However, I was asked if more than four people could play and since I didn’t have the expansion, the answer was no. Therefore, I decided I “needed” the expansion and my quest was on.

First, I asked the owners at Your Local Game Store if they could get me a copy and they were like sure can, but wait, they couldn’t. It seems Mayfair had stopped printing that expansion. What?!?! How could you stop printing the expansion and yet, we can still get our hands on the main game? But they had, so straight to the internet to see if some of my favorite retailers had any copies in stock. Nope, everyone had it on backorder or out of stock. So, a quick search on ebay should result in a find, but nope, not going to happen. So, this quest seemed to be on the scale of Don Quixote and his battles. (OK, I have never read Don Quixote, but I understand he had a battle windmills and that is all I know)

Well, over the past few months, I have been doing some traveling for work and if by chance I could find a game store, I would visit it. Each time, I would experience another Epic Failure. I was loosing hope. But on my last trip, I visited Firefly Games in Lexington, SC which is just outside of Columbia, SC. And I am glad I did. First, it is a very nice store with a nice setup for all types of gamers. Not sure about the BBQ place near it, but would recommend you stopping by Firefly Games if in the area. Second, they had the expansion and I snapped it up.

Anyway, can’t wait to get it on the table, just happy I found it and can now play up to 6 people if needed.

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