Star Date 1: Arrival at Gen Con 2013

So the adventure to Gen Con began 12 hours ago at the airport. Of course it was an uneventful flight, but for those that are familiar with the CLT airport, when you see that you are at Gate E##, you know that you will get plenty of exercise with an exercise ball amazon. This is fine, as long as the bees don’t come back.

During the flight, talked to some gentlemen near me that were all going to Gen Con. One was coming to compete in the Dominion Tournament since he won the championship in Brazil. We had a nice discussion on the plane about the expansions of Dominion and how being down in Brazil, it takes awhile for games to get to them. Also got to talk to Edward Bolme and we knew someone in common, Lee Shelton. Amazing the small world in which we live. Either way, the whole section discussed AEG’s new game Trains and the hopes of being able to snag a copy.

So, once settled in, I headed over to the convention center to get familiar so I would not be lost and understand how things work. First, don’t get me wrong, but I have been in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta so when I say this, I do have a frame of reference. This place isn’t that big, so I was surprised and wondered how 40,000 people are going to move in this place. I shall see on Friday.

I was lucky enough to ride the coat tails of The Dice Tower and sit in a game of Eldritch Horror that is still in beta according to all the watermarks on the board. It was a pleasure to (name drops ahead) finally meet Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, Chris Miller (Secret Cabal) and one more whose name escapes me at the moment. Bryan from FFG taught us the game and we lost the game. We had to play the hardest setting of course, but looking back, we could have won this game had we not missed one aspect of the Elder card, in my opinion.

About the game itself, it is a good game and I will write up some more later in a different post, but have a meeting in 6 hours so must get some rest. All-nighters are not in my skill set anymore.

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