RDTN Episode 99: Scythe, Millennium Blades, Piratoons, Simurgh and Megamoosecon

episode99We are on the road again and at our new local convention MegaMooseCon. We finally got to play two games that everyone has talked about or been talking about, Scythe and Millennium Blades. These are not full blown reviews with game discussion, you can find that elsewhere. We discuss the pros and cons of both games and we admit that we will need to get more plays in, especially Scythe.

MegaMooseCon was a great and will only get better. Mark Kale did a fantastic job organizing and providing space for all the games. Yeah, there was concerns being 30 minutes south of Charlotte, NC. Would the crowd show? How was the facility? What about food and drinks? Will there be enough space? 150+ people, very clean facility, food truck and local restaurants, and space for plenty of growth next year, no concerns now. We mention this in the show, but love the fact that the tables and student chairs were very comfortable. Admit that they were set for like 8 people, but that gave us plenty of room to spread out Scythe and not worry about being cramped at the table.

We also talk some more about Simurgh and how it played. Is it just another worker placement game or does it have a little something different? You have to give it a try and determine for yourself. The game has some unique characteristics like the limited amount of resources you can keep and the placement of cards to open up more options for placing of workers. Either way, give it a try if you get a chance.

The next show is our 100th Episode and we hope it goes as planned. We are going to try and do something similar to a game show with podcast celebrities. Who knows if this is going to work. We will also announce another contest as well as the winners from our past two contests. Thanks for listening, we really do appreciate it. Also, we want to remind everyone of Rodney Smith’s Indiegogo campaign that has a month left. He is almost at 100% and hopefully he will reach it shortly.
Segment, Time
MegaMooseCon, 00:40
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, 04:00
Strike, 10:35
7 Wonders Tournament, 11:40
Piratoons, 13:53
Scythe, 15:50
Simurgh, 26:55
Millennium Blades, 34:00
Gen Con 2016 thoughts, 44:00
Marty’s Rant, 53:30
Outro, 56:40

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