RDTN Episode 98: Cry Havoc, The Walking Dead – No Sanctuary, Sadler Brothers and Ignacy

In this episode, we have two interviews with game designers. Our first is with the brother design team, Adam and Brady Sadler. They were on our show in Episode 79 discussing Warhammer Quest and not having learned their lesson, returned again to talk with us about their new project The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary. This project is currently running on Kickstarter until 8/1 and has made it to the lofty goal of a quarter of a million dollars. One of the neat aspects of this KS is that Cryptozoic is offering you two price points to buy this game. One with minis and one without. It would be nice if more publishers would give us that option when buying. It is very hard for some of us to drop $120 on a game with minis and not have any idea if we will like it. By giving us the option to by the standees version and then possibly get the minis later, more might be willing to take a chance on the game. Now, we understand that the Cryptozoic IP games have had some challenges, but with the Sadler team behind this one, there is hope that this will be a big success.

We then drove down to Atlanta to see our good buddy, Ignacy Trzewiczek. He was kind enough to spend over 10 hours with us playing all types of games. More importantly, we got to experience the Cry Havoc game that is coming out at Gen Con. The miniatures are great, the art is outstanding, and the gameplay is solid. And even though it was late, we got to try out First Martians. While the game is some months away, the demo gave us the feel of how it mimics Robinson, but we could see the improvements that will be coming. Oh, and Steve Avery was there as well 🙂

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Segment, Time
Intro, 00:51
Rodney Smith: Strike, 2:28
Brady and Adam Sadler, 4:30
Elevator Pitch, 5:25
Not just killing Walkers, 8:20
Pure Co-op Game, 12:40
How the cards and dice work, 14:50
The Characters, 20:55
The Different Versions, 25:10
Cryptozoic Track Record, 26:25
What is next, 36:30
Broken Token, 41:05
Ignacy is the house, 41:40
Thunderroad, 43:00
Cry Havoc, 45:10
Imperial Settlers Aztecs, 48:40
First Martians, 54:10
Questions for Ignacy, 58:00
Outro, 1:09:30
Bit Box Kickstarter, 1:10:40
Shout Outs, 1:14:10

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