RDTN Episode 97: Reviews of Tyrants of the Underdark, Simurgh, Mystic Vale, My Village, Tides of Madness and Others

Episode97bannerBefore we talk about Episode 97, Play the Game Tonight, we want to bring to everyone’s attention, specifically those of us with R.E.D.S.*, Rodney Smith’s, a dear friend of ours, Indeigogo Campaign. This is the first place we go to for help with rules and how to play videos. He is also a great guy, so even if you can donate at the $5 level, it will mean a bunch to him.Rodneyone

We came back from Origins with a bunch of new releases and we need to get them played and share our thoughts with everyone. We are in for a very good 2016 and if Origins is any indicator of what is to come, then Gen Con is going to mind blowing when it gets here. Now, there are a few that were not stars, but the level seems to raise each year, so while these games don’t jump out, they should not be overlooked. Tyrants of the Underdark by Gale Force Nine was the standout in the bunch and because it is so good, we are holding a contest to win yourself a copy. Head over to this Google Form, be sure to fill out all the answers in order to be counted, and we will pick a winner randomly from those entries.

Looking back at the list, there is a game for about everyone’s taste. We have card drafting, deck building, area control, worker placement, set collection, auctioning and games for all ages. But how do they take these mechanics in another direction might be how these games will win you over. Take Piratoons from Stronghold Games for example. Here is a game where you are set collecting, auctioning, and card drafting. With the set collecting, you get points for matches, but if you constantly are going for the set, you might be sacrificing something else and it will hurt your score at the end. To help speed things along in the card drafting, Piratoons puts a timer on the players, but it isn’t a maximum, but a minimum where players can’t call time to stop the drafting until it has run out. Very neat way for the tempo of the game to be maintained and add a strategic element.

One more thing, it is a little early to be planning your calendar selection for next year, but one of our favorite guys, Scott King, is doing his Kickstarter for 2017 Gaming Calendars. He has photos of all board games and I am sure that he has twelve of your favorites. If you are on our site, then you see his pictures in our banners as they scroll by. But that is not all. Scott is also an author, game reviewer, podcaster, etc. Wish I had that energy. Well, he is offering two listeners a chance at win his base calendars, so once again, go fill out this Google Form and we will pull a random name from the entries and award them a calendar. Be sure and fill out all the answers to be eligible.

All contests from this show will be open from the posting on the show on 7/12/2016 to 8/6/2016 at 23:00 EPT.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:40
Scott King 2017 Calendar, 3:20
2016 Movie Pick Update, 6:10
Chaz Vlog from Origins, 7:45
Things we played recently, 9:45
Animals on Board, 14:58
Bear Valley, 19:16
Simurgh, 24:17
Piratoons, 29:25
Plums, 34:35
My Village, 38:45
Tides of Madness,49:30
Mystic Vale, 53:05
Tyrants of the Underdark, 58:45
Rodney Smith Indiegogo, 1:11:15
iTune Reviews, 1:14:33
On Board Games 200 Episodes, 1:15:25

*R.E.D.S. = Rule Explanation Deficiency Syndrome

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