RDTN Episode 95: Ring of Fire – Interview with Isaac Vega of Plaid Hat Games

longnightTwo of the biggest games that have come from Plaid Hat Games had designer Isaac Vega behind them and we had the opportunity to talk with him in this episode. Dead of Winter is going to have an stand alone expansion come out this year, The Long Night.  We know that everyone is chomping at the bit to get their hands on it. Well, Isaac tells us all about it and how you will get more of this and more options with that and how it continues to develop the story. Or if you haven’t had the opportunity to find a copy of Dead of Winter, then you can just start with The Long Night and be sure to follow the advice of Isaac on what scenario you need to begin with in that game..

Then we get to talk about some little card game called Ashes and there is some interesting tidbits that Isaac shared with us. For example, get ready for the Errata for a card in the coming months. We all knew it would happen eventually, all card games end up needing to be adjusted as more and more cards get added, but we can all get through this together. We also hear about the new expansions that are coming out and how Ashes is really doing well not only in the States, but all over the world.

Isaac was kind enough to answer questions from the BGG Guild and since this is his first time on the show, he got to play Rank’em. Been awhile since we did a Rank’em, so reminder that the rules are simple, rank the three items however you want and tell us why.episode95trio
Segment, Date
Intro, 00:40
Origins Plans, 01:50
Arkwright, 04:45
Broken Token, 08:43
Isaac Vega, 09:33
Dead of Winter: The Long Night, 12:56
What is New, 18:30
Release Date, 37:15
Ashes, 39:47
What is next, 41:10
The Art & Design, 49:41
The Ban Discussion, 1:02:02
The Guild questions, 1:05:05
Rank’em, 1:36:52
Outro, 1:50:21

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