RDTN Episode 94: One of the Living – Reviews of 51st State and Crazy Karts

51ststateWe are going to jump right into this episode with a review 51st State and Crazy Karts two new games from Portal Games. Now, we know Crazy Karts has been getting some not so favorable opinions expressed and we agree that it isn’t without faults. However, we believe that this game is worth trying on your own because it brings a fun group experience during game night. With those we have taught, they have enjoyed it and it might take a few plays to get everyone getting into the swing of the game.

The next game we talk about, 51st State, is one that did not disappoint us. If you like Imperial Settlers and didn’t get to try 51st State when it was released in 2010, we got a strong feeling you will like this game. The game is easy to teach and easy for people to pick up. Some reviews have said they like the old version over this new one because it has removed a lot of tactics and is over quickly. Having not played the old, can’t say if that is the case or not, but the speed of play and length are things we diffidently liked about this game.

Enjoy the episode and if you are at Origins, please come and say hello.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:37
Imperial Settlers: 3 is the magic number, 03:05
BGG Guild shoutout, 09:30
Broken Token The Big Damn Crate, 12:00
Crazy Karts Review, 12:34
Wacky Races, 24:17
Pros about Crazy Karts, 25:40
Cons about Crazy Karts, 28:45
Final Thoughts, 30:25
FFG Arkham Horror LCG, 33:35
Above and Below Gameplay, 35:33
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, 37:23
CMON Massive Darkness, 39:30
Rebuttal to Cabal, 41:15
51st State Master Set, 43:45
Pros of 51st State, 01:00:10
Final Thoughts, 01:04:05
Portal Games, 01:08:02
Outro, 01:08:37

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