RDTN Episode 93: Ship of Fools – Rob Daviau and Seafall

seafallHaving not learned from his last appearance or he has a short memory, Rob Daviau, designer of countless games and co-designer behind the #1 game on Boardgamegeek, has returned to the our show to discuss his next game Seafall. We all know that Rob is known for his Legacy series style games, but little did he know that this game design was going to be his legacy. What you may not be aware of is that Rob’s hobby is cooking and he steps us through how to prepare steak with a perfectly rare center to a seared crust on the outside.

But the show isn’t all about cooking, though I got a feeling we could have talked all night about it. We then jump into the meat of the show, Seafall*. We hear the inspiration behind the game, discuss various rules and tactics, and the various variants that can be used if you don’t have a steady playgroup. You can just hear the passion in Rob’s voice for his creation, his Indian Jones game in the Age of Sail. One of the many outstanding elements of the game is that the story book, while everyone has the same book, people will not have the same experiences. This means that in our mind, you could play this game a second time and have a different experience. Seafall usually takes about 15 games to reach the end of the story with each game going about 2 hours, according to Rob. However, if groups decide, they can extend out the game plays by never reaching a milestone by the time the game ends.

Pandemic Legacy players need to understand that Seafall is competitive and there is going to be diplomacy in this game. While the rulebook is long, there only five basic actions, so don’t be scared by the length. Either way, we will be preordering this game from Plaid Hat and securing the metal coins. Also, we want Plaid Hat to know that when they backed Rob, they backed a winner.SOF
Intro, 00:10
Broken Token, 1:35
Rob Daviau in the house, 2:20
It Hurts, 2:45
How to cook Steak, 3:35
Boston Red Sox, 6:10
Happy Mouth Rub, 7:50
Seafall, 9:05
Synopsis, 12:30
How the Seafall Legacy System Work, 14:30
Seafall is Competitive, 16:12
What is in your turn in Seafall?, 18:30
What is Eminity Tokens?, 21:47
Blank Board & Stickers!!, 25:52
Endevours & Dice, 27:22
Interesting game mechanics, 29:57
The Advisors, 32:30
Do you need a steady group?, 35:00
Seafall two years ago to today, 37:48
Seafall questions from Guild, 41:10
Other Guild Questions, 45:35
D&D with Rob, 53:20
Pandemic Season 2, 01:02:25
Chronicle: Origins, 01:02:55
Mountains of Madness, 01:08:11
Closing it out, 01:13:32
Portal Games, 01:19:35
Outro, 01:20:07

*See what I did there?

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