RDTN Episode 89: Reverence – Commissioned, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, and Asomodee North Price Policy

Based on the poll over in our BGG Guild for what game to review next, we followed the advice of our members and reviewed the game Commissioned. If you are not familiar with the game, it is a coop, cube manipulation, deck building game based on the history around the time of the spread of Christianity. The game is not in your face on the theme, but it brings to life the events that were going on during that time through the commissionedgame’s mechanics. You are facing trials that are out to hinder your progress as you try and accomplish the goals of your chosen scenario. This game has been compared to the inverse of Pandemic, but with the deck building, it is more than that.

We decided to go check out Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition on an Encounters night. We have dabbled in the RPG world many times, but were curious how the new edition was different than the old and with other systems we have tried recently. The shop was very crowded and the noise was very loud, but that did not dampen the fun we had playing.

Finally, we debate the recent interview that was done at GAMA with Asmodee North and their reasons behind their pricing policy changes. Research was done because we even asked our local store owner his opinion on these changes. It is fair to say that we understand these stances, but the reasons just don’t match up to our experiences in the various hobbies we have been part of over the years. Beware, minor ranting will be done.

Congrats to Chris G. from our guild on his win in the first annual RDTN NCAA Guessing Game Bracket Challenge. He beat about ten other people who had no clue on the NCAA Basketball Brackets so take it for what it was worth.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:40
Commissioned, 04:40
Game Play, 08:55
Building the Deck, 14:00
Which Cards to play, 15:30
Pros of Commissioned, 16:35
Cons of Commissioned, 18:40
Final Thoughts, 20:45
D&D 5E Adventure, 26:15
The Pricing Policy Debate, 41:40
Local Store Owner thoughts, 50:55
Privateer Press Policy, 54:25
Outro, 58:25

2 Replies to “RDTN Episode 89: Reverence – Commissioned, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, and Asomodee North Price Policy”

  1. keith

    I agree 5e is very good. There are things I dont like such as Dragonborn and Tieflings being in the base rules. Wizard cantrips are a bit O.P. at low levels especially.
    Flavour wise I prefer castles and crusades.
    If your even a little D&D curious get the Start Set. Its a fantastic value.
    $20 for all the rules you need, a fantastic module and dice.

    • admin

      I’ve dove in and bought the Players Core Rulebook. Now to just find a group to play with 🙂
      Thanks for listening – Marty

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