RDTN Episode 86: Go the Distance – Game Boy Geek, Survey Results and 6 Nimmt

We have the honor of having Dan King, the Game Boy Geek, back on the show. He stopped by and said he wanted to revisit not only his predictionsdanking1 about games at GenCon but redeem his Rank’em answers from Episode 72. Normally we don’t allow people to replay Rank’em, but in this case and the epic fail we had last time, we couldn’t say no to Dan. Also, since he was stopping by, we were able to take the time and ask him about his recent graduation from the Stephen Buonocore University on Shameless Plugs. Just kidding, but we were curious that since he has gone out on his own, how his recent Kickstarter was going and asked him to explain the various levels.

6nimmtWe finally get a review in for an episode. We know, we know, novel idea. So we talk about the card game 6 Nimmt! We love card games and this is one of those that is appropriate for many ages and can play up to ten people. There might be more strategy to this game than some people realize. You really need to pay attention to the cards that are being played and think not about your next card, but that one a few plays away. Even though it is a light game, there is a slight take that to it but not in a mean way. When someone takes a bunch of bulls, you can’t help but get a little smirk on your face, especially if you are the one that caused it.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:40
A Tragedy, 2:30
A new game-Shark Island, 3:45
Pandemic-Reign of Cthulhu, 05:50
6 Nimmt! Review, 09:00
Survey Results, 15:45
Game Boy Geek in the house, 27:00
Gen Con Revisited, 29:05
Star Trek – 5 Year Mission, 29:35
Another Podcast, 30:55
Warehouse 51, 33:10
Behind the Scenes, 34:45
Dan’s Recommendations, 39:15
Mini Reviews and Teaching, 41:55
Dan’s Kickstarter, 45:50
Promo Cards, 48:05
Police Precinct Guilt Trip, 50:05
Dan does Mario, 53:52
Rank’em, 55:00
Outro, 1:08:10

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