RDTN Episode 85: Golden Years – Chit Chat, Pandemic Cthulhu, Seafall, Portal Announcements, and Other Stuff

RDTK PROMO-01We have returned from the awards and we spend our time catching up on all the news. Big announcements from Portal, Z-man, Plaid Hat, and tons of other publishers. They are beginning to release their plans for 2016 and this is just the start. So with all this news coming out, we ask the question during the Chit Chat segment on are we becoming board game overloaded? Think about it for a second. Wasn’t it just last week when we received news from Essen about all those new releases? So maybe it was much longer ago, but it just doesn’t seem that long ago.

Suzanne also tells us about her new job over at the Board Game Breakfast. She is now the face for Kickstarter campaigns if you hadn’t heard. She tells us about the workings behind that segment and more importantly, she gives us a glimpse ks_suzanneinto how an item gets on her radar. Following that riveting discussion, we discuss a topic submitted by a listener on if games were to be equated to say a fancy dinner, fast food dinner, and a home cooked meal, which games would go into those categories. Please, by all means, tell us which games would fill those spots for you.

We also do an overview of the Kickstarter Escape Room in a Box that is currently active. We were surprised by this demo. Yes, the skepticism was high and we were caught off guard when we played it because this could be something very fascinating at your next party. It isn’t the same as going to an Escape Room, but it is a lot cheaper.

The last thing is the link to our announcement of the Podpledge page. Also if you want to just get the shirt, head over to Analog Gamer.
Segment, Time
Intro, 0:45
Portal Announcements, 8:40
Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, 14:15
Plaid Hat Announcements, 16:20
Cool Mini or Not Announcement, 19:45
Marvel Universe Mini Game, 21:00
Chit Chat, 28:15
Kickstarter BGB Segment, 29:45
Baseball 2045 App, 45:00
Board Game Overwhelmed, 48:30
What game is this meal, 1:02:30
Squirrel – Meeple Source KS, 1:07:45
What game is this meal – cont, 1:09:00
Werewolf Experiment Kickstarter, 1:17:25
Megamoosecon – a local CLT Con, 1:21:45
Shush Con, 1:24:25
Podpledge Announcement and new Shirts, 1:25:30
And the Guild speaks, 1:31:35

2 Replies to “RDTN Episode 85: Golden Years – Chit Chat, Pandemic Cthulhu, Seafall, Portal Announcements, and Other Stuff”

  1. Elena

    Kickstarter is a ‘pre-order’ platform for the big guys now? Seems the bigger reviewers have become no more than marketing puppets for the publishers that pay the best. I thought my opinion of BGB couldn’t go lower, but I was wrong. I will keep backing the small publishers and steering clear of the over priced, over produced garbage the big boys try to shove down our throats.

    • Suzanne

      Hi Elena. While I feel bad that you do not enjoy my segments on BGB, I understand my work is not everyone’s cup of tea.

      I do want to clarify that I am not paid in any way for what I contribute. I do not receive review copies or monetary incentive from publishers or The Dice Tower for my contributions. I also am not pressured by The Dice Tower to cover specific titles.

      I do think it’s wonderful you back small publishers and support their efforts. I will continue to highlight projects, both big and small, in my segment for the viewers who enjoy the show.

      Best wishes.

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