RDTN Episode 84 – The Squirrelys – RDTN’s 2016 Award Show

D&N Award-01A lot of people will make lists of their favorite games from the previous year and we are no different, sorry. But, we thought how could we differentiate our best of 2015 from other lists that are out there. And so, The Squirrelys were born. That is right,  a show that celebrates our best games from 2015 based on topics that only we would come up with. But that is not all, we have assembled a cast of individuals to help us with announcing and presenting of the awards.

Yeah, we were in jest on some of the awards, but some we are serious about. We hope you enjoy this episode and let us know what you think of our choices over in the BGG Guild.

Next episode we will be back to our normally board game show.

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